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A specific therapy can help ease muscle tension or pains, either through a gentle treatment or a firm massage that stimulates circulation. Either way, I will be there for you, especially in an emergency, to help alleviate your pains.

The big advantage of „mobile massage“ is that you are independent from opening hours and you will only be treated by one masseur. You can work all day and book a treatment in the evenings or at weekends, at your own home, without long, time-consuming trips to a surgery. We all know what it is like: too much sitting down, usually in front of the computer, and too little moving about restricts circulation and makes muscles seize up, which can lead to painful conditions and may even limit mobility. Most often, your neck and shoulders are affected, but also your lower back can cause discomfort. While sports and gymnastics are a good way to prevent this, sometimes they are not enough to ease the pain, and a specific massage of the affected regions is inevitable.

Usually, my therapy reduces pain significantly, and after several treatments tensions and hardenings disappear completely. Acute headaches get better during the first session, even migraine (not during an attack, however) occurs less frequently and less severely. In addition, many other symptoms are influenced in a positive way.

And to avoid all those ailments altogether, I recommend preventive and regular treatments, which can be booked with a discount.