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Classic medical massage

For back and shoulder pains, but also for problems with legs and arms. Various massage techniques are applied in problem areas, which usually leads to a significant relief of pain.

Behandlungen Masseur Anton PlankHeadache and migraine treatment

These problems are always connected to more or less severe tensions in the neck-and-shoulder area, which are treated with specific methods. The intensity of headaches and migraines and the frequency of the attacks are decreased.

Office massage

More and more hours spent working at the computer often result in painful stiffness of the neck. Special massage lessens the pain, thereby decreasing the amount of sick leave and increasing job satisfaction and resilience, thus leading to more productivity. I provide a special chair, so the massage can be carried out while the patient remains fully clothed.

Lymphatic drainage

After operations or injuries and in connection with various diseases, certain body parts (especially the extremities) can develop strong swelling, which can be significantly improved by lymphatic drainage. In addition, the area should be bandaged and exercised to achieve permanent improvement of the swollen area.

Conjunctive tissue massage (through organ reflexology)

Through this particular technique, inner organs and body parts can be influenced in a positive way.

Intestinal massage (against constipation)

Special massage to stimulate and regulate the movement of the bowels in case of constipation.

Foot reflexology

As the foot mirrors the whole body, this special massage technique, which is very pleasant, can influence the inner organs in a positive way and harmonize them.

Dr. Terrier’s manipulative massage

This method, developed by the Swiss doctor Terrier, is effective against acute and chronic joint pain. The muscles are stretched and simultaneously massaged, which lessens the pain considerably.

Penzel’s retension massage

With the help of a massage stick, the body meridians are stimulated, thus creating a sense of well-being.


Special exercises to ease pain and improve posture.

R.Stone’s polarity therapy

This therapy has been developed by the American doctor R.Stone and helps to balance the body’s various polarities.


Tension of the shoulders, the neck and the lumbar spine can be lessened by carefully stretching those areas so disks can relax. Thus, the distance between the vertebrae is regained and the nerves protruding from the spine are released from pressure.

Ice treatment

Inflammation of the muscles and joints is treated with large packs of ice.


Rei means life, and Ki means energy. The laying on of hands at special areas of the body can strengthen and balance the patient’s vital energy.